Hi! I am Umesh Patel.

I am an avid photographer living near Chicago USA. I started my photography hobby with a Minolta X-300 SLR film camera. Later, when the digital camera took over the film camera, I transitioned to digital SLR (DSLR) to continue enjoying my hobby. I am currently using Pentax system for all my photography work and Adobe Lightroom for my post processing work. Most of my work is related to Abstract Fine Art & Nature but I am exploring other areas such as Portrait, Wildlife, Macro and Astrophotography as well.

I have displayed my photography work at a various Chicago area libraries. I received a “Special Recognition” award in the “Abstracts Art Exhibition – March 2019” by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.


Instagram: upphoto1
Flickr : unp2008
Etsy Store: AlienFOTOS